Ella is an imaginative thinker and a playful brusher. Unfortunately Ella is not brushing long enough, her lack of dexterity limits her ability to access all her tooth surfaces and she has dental caries. Her parents need help understanding that Ella’s caries risk and past caries experience can be used to create a more effective and preventative diagnostic schedule.  Patient communication and compliance tools can often help patients like Ella so Crest® + Oral-B® combined our patient insights and home care technology into a system called Kids Health Solutions.

Before Ella’s first dental visit she had already developed some poor oral hygiene habits. When Ella did begin going to the dentist, telling her what to do was not working. With Kids Health Solutions, your practice can be highly responsive to Ella’s needs. The anticipatory guidance approach uses an age-appropriate standardized oral hygiene evaluation (for office and home) for a quick caries risk assessment. The Crest® + Oral-B® home care kit helps with dexterity and effective plaque removal. Now Ella and Ella’s parents have the tools they need to create a strong plan for prevention!

Meet Ella
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In less than 30 seconds these tools personalize and involve Ella’s family with a visual understanding of the oral health issue. The tool helps make the condition real and personal for her.

  • Office Oral Hygiene Visual analogue Chairside

By engaging Ella and her family in her risk assessment and how caries can impact the things she values shifts ownership for the recommended prevention plan to the family where it belongs.

  • Caries Risk Assessment Survey Questionnaire
  • Commitment Letter
  • Communication Letters to Patient, Parents, and Dentist
  • Introduce the home care kit and demonstrate why it works and how to effectively use the products.

Ella and her family needed new tools to create a strong prevention plan and change their habits at home. In addition, Ella needed tools that were age appropriate to help her with technique and dexterity.

Action Plan:

  • Take Home Visual Analogue Scale Card
  • Take Home Report Card Booklet
  • Home Care Regimen