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NEW! Oral-B® GENIUS™ X Premium Dental Professional Trial Kit

Artificial Intelligence Technology Advances Brushing for a Smarter Clean

Exceptional savings just for Dental Professionals

Order your Oral-B GENIUS X Premium Dental Professional Trial Kit now and save over 70% at your exclusive price of $79.99 plus $7 shipping & handling. Special offer includes: 3 Brush Head Refills, plus new Detachable Charging Stand and Charging Travel Case.

Suggested retail price: $299.99/UNIT

Limit one (1) Oral-B® GENIUS™ X Premium offer at $79.99 (plus $7 shipping and handling) each per practicing dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant/office personnel and dental student, per calendar year. Offer expires: June 30, 2020. You must be a registered member to order. Please note: This transaction will appear as Archway Marketing on your credit card. Please call service line 1-866-614-0202 if you have any questions.


  • Position Detection developed with Artificial Intelligence Technology is specifically designed to recognize your patients' brushing style and guide them for better brushing results
  • Unique round brush head with oscillating-rotating-pulsating action for superior cleaning*
  • 5 brushing modes to meet patients’ individual needs
  • 4-quadrant timer promotes thorough 2-minute cleaning
  • Pressure indicator light helps provide patients with a gentle cleaning experience
  • SmartRing allows customization by colour
  • Bluetooth technology and Oral-B App encourage patient compliance

Each Oral-B® GENIUS™ X Premium Dental Professional Trial Kit contains:

  • Available in Black, White or Orchid Purple
  • 1 GENIUS™ X Power Toothbrush with Bluetooth® Technology
  • 1 CrossAction™ brush head
  • 1 FlossAction™ brush head
  • 1 3D White™ brush head
  • 1 detachable charging stand
  • 1 charging travel case
  • 1 Lithium Ion Battery

* vs a regular manual toothbrush


Oral-B® GENIUS™: Oscillation-Rotation Science

Now you can recommend a powerbrush so intelligent, it’s GENIUS.

Learn how the Oral-B Genius X with AI helps advance brushing for a smarter clean

  • Innovative Position Detection Technology with Artificial Intelligence instantly recognizes your patients' brushing style, provides them with personal daily coaching like you recommend, and guides them to better brushing so they never miss a zone.
  • With oscillating-rotating technology, Oral-B’s round prophy-inspired brush head helps remove plaque effectively and provides your patients a superior cleaning* experience.
  • Unique 360° SmartRing flashes when excessive brushing pressure is being used and prompts patients when it’s time to move to a new brushing zone

*vs a regular manual toothbrush.


Read how oscillating-rotating power toothbrushes performed next to other toothbrushes in clinical evaluation and reviews

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  • Oral-B Power Clinical Compendium (updated 2020)

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