Crest® PRO-HEALTH™ Clean Mint Toothpaste

Crest® PRO-HEALTH™ Clean Mint Toothpaste

Product Type: Toothpaste

  • Smooth, fresh formula
  • Provides effective protection against acid erosion with patented stannous fluoride technology
  • Helps patients restore gingival health



  • Active ingredient: 0.454% SnF2
  • Available in 70 mL and 20 mL sizes

Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste: Stabilized Stannous Fluoride Science

Find out how Crest Pro-Health with stabilized stannous fluoride helps slow the progression of erosive tooth wear and is the only fluoride recognized to do so in a published dental professional consensus report

  • Stannous fluoride not only strengthens weakened enamel, it also forms an acid-resistant protective layer against enamel/acid erosion
  • The stabilized formula provides dual action protection against enamel erosion by forming a protective micro-thin layer against dietary acids and helping rebuild weakened spots
  • Crest Pro-Health not only helps rebuild weakened enamel, but also helps prevent the initiation of future erosion


Learn how Crest Pro-Health paste not only helps rebuild weakened enamel, but also helps prevent the initiation of future erosion in patients

  • Clin Oral Investig 2015:19(7);1557-61
    Consensus report of the European Federation of Conservative Dentistry: erosive tooth wear--diagnosis and management. Carvalho TS et al.
    (European Consensus)
  • Pharmacy Times (8) 2014
    The Role of Stannous Fluoride in Maintaining Oral Health.
  • The Science and Evidence for Stabilized Fluoride
    (P&G SnF Technical Manual)

P&G Articles & Advertorials

Find out why erosion is a growing concern in dental practice today

  • How the erosion epidemic is having a growing impact on your patient’s oral health
  • How Crest® Pro-Health Containing Stabilized Stannous Fluoride provides dual-action erosion protection
  • See how erosion is directly linked to your teen patient’s changing diet
  • Is your patient’s healthy drink giving their enamel a workout?


Find out more about the clinical benefits of Crest® Pro-Health with stabilized stannous fluoride in the mode of action video

  • Stabilized Stannous Fluoride Breakthrough

Patient Materials

Teach patients about the increasing risks of hidden acids in their diet

  • Use the How to prevent everyday dietary acid exposure from eating your tooth enamel resource to start the enamel erosion discussion with patients

Dietary Acid pH Scale

An in-office counselling tool to help patients identify and avoid acidic foods and drinks in the danger zone to protect their enamel from dietary acid erosion.

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