Crest® PRO‑HEALTH® [HD]™

Product Type: Toothpaste

Crest ProHealth [HD] delivers gum benefits comparable to chlorhexidine,* with the advantage of noticeable whitening.†‡ Its a daily 2step toothpaste and gel system that provides an exhilarating clean for patients of all types and rapid gum health improvement* for patients with gingivitis.

Step 1 delivers the optimized power of stannous fluoride, uniquely formulated to help inhibit the growth of plaque bacteria associated with gingivitis.

Step 2 provides additional whitening power to remove surface stains with the help of hydrogen peroxide.

Transform your patients’ ordinary brushing routine into an extraordinary experience–Recommend Crest Pro-Health [HD] today!


Step 1, optimized stannous fluoride antibacterial toothpaste, helps strip away plaque, while

Step 2, perfecting gel, polishes teeth and provides additional whitening power to remove surface stains with the help of hydrogen peroxide.

  • Brushing regularly with Crest Pro-Health [HD] (1 minute per step) offers these benefits:
  • Gum health benefits comparable to chlorhexidine*
  • The advantage of noticeable whitening
  • 35% less overnight plaque vs regular fluoride toothpaste*
  • 39% reduction in gingival bleeding sites vs regular fluoride toothpaste*§
  • 73.4% stain prevention vs regular fluoride toothpasteII

Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste: Stabilized Stannous Fluoride Science

Find out how Crest Pro-Health with stabilized stannous fluoride helps slow the progression of erosive tooth wear and is the only fluoride recognized to do so in a published dental professional consensus report

  • Stannous fluoride not only strengthens weakened enamel, it also forms an acid-resistant protective layer against enamel/acid erosion
  • The stabilized formula provides dual action protection against enamel erosion by forming a protective micro-thin layer against dietary acids and helping rebuild weakened spots
  • Crest Pro-Health not only helps rebuild weakened enamel, but also helps prevent the initiation of future erosion


Learn how Crest Pro-Health paste not only helps rebuild weakened enamel, but also helps prevent the initiation of future erosion in patients

  • Clin Oral Investig 2015:19(7);1557-61
    Consensus report of the European Federation of Conservative Dentistry: erosive tooth wear--diagnosis and management. Carvalho TS et al.
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    The Role of Stannous Fluoride in Maintaining Oral Health.
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P&G Articles & Advertorials

Find out why erosion is a growing concern in dental practice today

  • How the erosion epidemic is having a growing impact on your patient’s oral health
  • How Crest® Pro-Health™ Containing Stabilized Stannous Fluoride provides dual-action erosion protection
  • See how erosion is directly linked to your teen patient’s changing diet
  • Is your patient’s healthy drink giving their enamel a workout?


Find out more about the eight clinical benefits of Crest® Pro-Health™ with stabilized stannous fluoride in the mode of action video

  • Stabilized Stannous Fluoride Breakthrough

Patient Materials

Teach patients about the increasing risks of hidden acids in their diet

  • Use the How to prevent everyday dietary acid exposure from eating your tooth enamel resource to start the enamel erosion discussion with patients

*Via Step 1 stannous fluoride antibacterial toothpaste.
†Induced gingivitis model assessing gum health and tooth color by digital imaging.
‡At 3 weeks of treatment.
§In a clinical study after 3 weeks of treatment.
IIIn a clinical study measured at 10 weeks.

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