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Syllabus: Clinical Pharmacology – A Review for Oral Healthcare Providers

The syllabus, which may be modified to meet individual institutional requirements, provides a comprehensive description of a 14-module online course.

The course is intended to provide a framework to meet elements of educational requirements of Dental Students, Dental Hygiene Students, and Dental Assistant Students. In addition, the modules can serve as a resource to clinicians wishing to review evidence-based information on specific topics.

Each module may be taken online followed by an examination*. In educational settings, successful completion of each module may be followed by a question and answer period and/or case-based small group discussions conducted by the institutional Course Director. A PDF is also available for each of the 14 modules, which may serve as a convenient resource in clinical settings.

*To all users, you are requested to register as a user to access selected courses that are only available on Please visit website for registration.

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