1. Categories of esthetic complications with single crowns, fixed partial dentures, and complete arch prostheses attached to root form implants have been identified.  These include _______________.

  1. About how much recession can generally be expected following abutment connection surgery?

  1. Implants that support/retain overdentures are commonly located in the canine and premolar areas of the mouth.

  1. The clinical and laboratory steps required to locate the most appropriate prosthetic tooth positions for fixed partial dentures are not the same used with conventional complete dentures.

  1. _______ is the recommended minimum occlusocervical bone dimension in the maxilla to accommodate implants.

  1. The required faciolingual bone thickness is related to the diameter of the implant being placed.

  1. It may be necessary to enhance the existing bone morphology through bone grafting or the use of distraction osteogenesis when there is a deficiency in the _______________.

  1. The authors propose that papillae adjacent to implants can ____________ be recreated when the distance is more than 4 millimeters between the bone crest and the desired height of the interdental papillae when treating patients with thin peri-implant mucosa.

  1. Teeth that are square in form are more often associated with thin, delicate gingiva that is more susceptible to recession.

  1. The longer the area has been edentulous, the more likely there will be a soft tissue discrepancy due to bone resorption and concomitant changes in the soft tissue contour.

  1. The metal visibility through the resin and the discoloration from leakage can be ____________ by bonding an opaque resin to the metal framework of a fixed complete denture or the reinforcing meshwork of an overdenture before the denture base resin is processed to the prosthesis.

  1. Methods of retaining soft tissue form and location include ____________ when these procedures are indicated.

  1. Proper incisocervical, occlusocervical, and faciolingual positioning of implants promotes the development of _______________.

  1. As with conventional single crowns and fixed partial dentures, the display of significant amounts of soft tissue ____________ the esthetic difficulty of implant single crowns and implant fixed partial dentures.

  1. Researchers have proposed waiting ____________ after abutment connection surgery before making the definitive impression.