1. The tongue is the most common oral piercing site.
  1. The safest type of tongue modification is _______________.
  1. The Madonna, Marilyn and Medusa are all types of off-center, upper lip piercings.
  1. The Smiley, Frowny and Web piercings are all types of frena piercings.
  1. Body modifications, including piercing, have been performed for which of the following reasons?
  1. The average prevalence of oral piercings is more in ____________.
  1. Characteristics of quality jewelry include _______________.
  1. Both metal alloys and sterling silver jewelry should be avoided since they both contain nickel.
  1. Athletes who wear a mouth guard and have a tongue piercing should be advised to remove the jewelry when participating in sports.
  1. Secondary post-operative complications could include _______________.
  1. The typical average healing period for oral piercings is ____________.
  1. Which of the following are normal in the first 3-5 days after piercing?
  1. If you suspect an infection, seek medical assistance and _______________.
  1. Care should be taken to minimize the time jewelry is removed as the piercing tract can close.
  1. Seeing a patient with a new, unhealed piercing, does not present problems.
  1. Oral piercing jewelry should be removed because _______________.
  1. Removal of jewelry during local anesthesia is at the discretion of the operator _______________.
  1. It is prudent for the dental professional to have at least basic knowledge of how to remove oral piercings.
  1. Patients with poor oral hygiene, or a high caries rate, _______________.
  1. The professional piercer should _______________.
  1. The quality piercing studio should _______________.