This course on BMS has been introduced to provide additional knowledge of what is known with regard to this disorder. It is believed BMS is a multifaceted disorder and further complicated by the multiple approaches that appear to be beneficial for a variety of patients. There are patients who appear to struggle with BMS for many years without any relief. The dentist and the hygienist should have an understanding of the complicated symptoms and complaints voiced by these patients and refer patients to those knowledgeable in the treatment of BMS. Those individuals may be oral medicine specialists, pain center specialists, some psychologists who work with pain disorders, biofeedback specialists and some medical/dental schools-stomatology centers that offer treatment in BMS.

Recognition of the disorder is the first step in assisting the patient with treatment. Patients in general office practices may continue to be patients of record and suffer from the symptoms of BMS for several years - so the more support an office can provide to these patients, the more successful the treatment may be. Patients are often served by just having someone listen to their complaints since they have been shuffled from one practice to another. As stated in the course, sometimes the problem is not BMS and may be solved by taking steps to modify behavior or lifestyle changes. The process is often time consuming but understanding is greatly appreciated by someone who is suffering with BMS.