Test Preview

  1. Marijuana is currently listed as a Schedule I drug according to the Controlled Substance Act, but legislation has been introduced to change it to a Schedule III drug.
  1. The American Medical Association has endorsed and encourages the use of medical marijuana for specific conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  1. THC, the chemical in marijuana, attaches to which receptors?
  1. Marijuana has been found in drivers responsible for fatal automobile accidents _______________.
  1. The Cannabis Sativa plant produces marijuana in what form?
  1. Health effects from using marijuana include _______________.
  1. What specific mental illness can be linked to marijuana use?
  1. The risk of a heart attack after marijuana use increases _______________.
  1. Oral health changes noted with marijuana use include _______________.
  1. The risk of oral cancer has been documented in every case study presented with marijuana use.
  1. Candidica albicans can thrive in an environment with marijuana use because _______________.
  1. One of the proposed mechanism of action for implicating marijuana in periodontal changes includes _______________.