Test Preview

  1. Which of the following bones form the forehead?
  1. The midline depression above the upper lip is known as?
  1. What is the non-bony portion of the palate known as?
  1. The ___________ is a non-bony muscular projection that hangs from the midline at the posterior of the soft palate.
  1. The top surface of the tongue is known as the _____________ surface.
  1. Which arch in the mouth contains 16 teeth?
  1. The area from the CEJ to the cusp tips is known as _______________.
  1. What is the hardest substance in the body?
  1. Which type of substance in the tooth continues to grow throughout the lifetime of the tooth?
  1. Which one of the tooth components has an equivalent hardness to bone?
  1. Which teeth have a cutting edge?
  1. Which tooth appears in the permanent dentition but not in the primary dentition?
  1. Which teeth are responsible for grinding food?
  1. Which surface is known as the chewing surface of posterior teeth?
  1. How many teeth comprise the primary dentition?
  1. A dentition that is not aligned in a normal functional relationship is termed as in ________________.
  1. Which tissue in the periodontium is not attached to the tooth and forms a collar around the tooth?
  1. The tooth is attached to the underlying bone through which of the following?
  1. The inter and outer surfaces of the alveolar bone are made up of ___________.
  1. The wall of the tooth socket is lined by what type of bone?