Low Back/Sacrum

Seated Forward Fold (Uttanasana)

Sit tall, open the legs a little more than hip distance apart and feet flat. Inhale, reach arms up, exhale and fold over the legs allowing the belly to drop between the thighs if possible. Move mindfully and carefully to not overstretch the low back. The hands may rest on a yoga block or fingertips to the floor or top of foot. If extreme tightness is discovered, the arms may not come near the floor at all. Allow the forearm to sit on the each thigh. Take a long slow inhale, engage the belly and pelvic floor to slightly raise the torso, exhale release down being sure to keep aware of your edge; the limit when something feels less like a nice stretch and more like a pinch. Do this for 3-8 breaths. Upon coming up, engage the core, bring one elbow to thigh then the other elbow to the thigh and slowly rise coming back to Mountain.