Right/Left Spinal Extension

On the next inhale reach the arms up overhead stretching the front body open with shoulders relaxed down. Press lightly the belly button upward. Stay here, tall for 3-5 breath (Figure 11). On the last exhale place the left hand gently on the outer left thigh allowing it to slide down while the right hand reaches up and over. Notice the stretch from the hip to the fingertips as they expand again on the next inhale and perhaps the left hand slides (not supports) a little further down the left leg. Feel equal length on either side of the torso with core holding and pelvic floor stabilizing while staying for 3-5 breaths. Check if the feet are still in mountain pose connecting to the floor. Keeping the core and pelvic floor engaged in awareness draw the torso back to center and repeat on right side. Inhale brings arms up, exhale as the arm is released down. With length in the torso stretch over to opposite side. Take 3-5 breaths and bring the torso back to centered, supported along the way through core. Release arms to sides in mountain pose (Figure 12).

Figure 11.
Photo showing overhead arm reach.
Figure 12.
Photo showing overhead side stretch.