Standing Practice for Strength and Flexibility in the Hips and Low Back

When time does not allow a full seated preventive practice, a shorter version can help release the body’s tension in the workplace in just a few minutes of time, if that is available. These exercises reach far into the body as they stretch, strengthen and create stable support for the dental professionals’ good posture. This will create the balance needed that will lead to a pain-free life. The best results come from a regular weekly practice of minimum 4 days per week. It may be discovered over time, that daily 15 minute attention to the body and connecting to the breath will be hard to live without. Just as flossing and brushing are part of a regular routine, so will this practice be as well.

Begin in standing mountain pose. Keep the feet parallel, equally flat on the floor and hips distance apart. Press them (gently) into the floor. Engage the thighs, “zip” in the pelvic floor gently and become aware of the stability that action created as the spine lengthens towards the sky. Draw the shoulder blades together and gently down, while pulling the belly in and up slightly. Remain here, with arms enlivened somewhat, palms forward facing and breathe. One-5 breaths, big and slow and purposeful to a count of 4 on the inhale and a count of 4 on the exhale. Relax shoulders away from the ears. Notice the length in the spine, the feet intact and connect with the inhale/exhale count of 4.