Stretching and Strengthening Technique with Breath

There are different approaches to conditioning the seated dental professional’s musculature in striving for healthy balance. The following routine is simple, with easy exercises that do not take too much time thus increasing chances of regular practice. Personal identification in areas of strength as well as weakness is important. Long-term, an overall balanced practice will best serve the body and the mind. Applying regular therapeutic yoga principles consistently is the key to stability and freedom. The word YOGA signifies a union between the body and the breath. It is essential to remember to breathe during the process of practicing for it is in the measure of the breath where tightness may be found and released. The “four count” breath should be practiced throughout the body movement in yoga style practice of the “asana” or exercise. Always begin with taking the time for 3-5 rounds of breath while seated. Make them slow, full and purposeful to connect and quiet the mind. Count to 4 on the inhale, pause, and exhale to equal count. The breath is where to tune in, connect and listen to the body, creating a “space” to release or build energy.