1. Which is most compromised in the seated dental professional?
  1. Awareness in the body is important for the following reasons?
  1. Proper breathing pattern change the following _______________.
  1. Breathing practice suggests all of the following EXCEPT _______________.
  1. Awareness of the Bandhas/Energy locks are important for _______________.
  1. The Mula Bandha is found _______________.
  1. Core stability is assisted greatly with _______________.
  1. Muscles work separately. The antagonist muscles benefit by balance.
  1. When the sacrum is in posterior tilt, the following is affected?
  1. Which of these exercises will balance the Abductor/Adductor relationship?
  1. The most important element in performing exercises is the breath. Why?
  1. Which of the following is true in seated hip opener?
  1. Opening the front body, seated or standing is done in the following manner?
  1. Forward folds require bent knees protecting the spine, keeping feet level.
  1. The following tips are true for the movements we make between patients.
  1. Dental professionals have body mechanics that can suffer injury. This is due to occasionally holding their posture in extreme, off balanced positions.
  1. The best place to begin a regular yoga practice is _______________.