1. At what age do most people begin smoking cigarettes?
  1. Second hand cigarette smoke can cause _______________ in children.
  1. What percentage of adults smoke cigarettes in the US?
  1. How many people in the US die every year from cigarette smoking?
  1. Cigarette smoke has _______________.
  1. Cigarette smoking usually does not cause cancer of the _______________.
  1. Combustible tobacco products on the market include _______________?
  1. Smokeless tobacco products on the market include _______________.
    1. Tobacco use is responsible for _______________.
  1. Cigarette smoke can affect dental health, overall healing, cleft lip and palate formation.
  1. Addiction is a _______________.
  1. How many e-cigarette flavors are on the market?
  1. Dental health care providers have a responsibility to help patients quit their tobacco use.
  1. Nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) include _______________.
  1. COVID-19 _______________.
  1. It is imperative that a healthcare professional have a thorough knowledge of a patient’s medical history before prescribing _______________.
  1. How many attempts may many smokers make before they quit smoking.
  1. Vaping and smoking tobacco products can affect COVID-19 outcomes by _______________.
  1. Evali effects the ________________.
  1. Heat not burn products are made from ________________.