1. Which two nutrients have been added to the new food label?
  1. One teaspoon of sugar equals?
  1. How many sugars can you identify in the ingredient list below?

    Ingredients: unbleached wheat flour, sucrose, soybeans, fructose, garlic, chicken, mannitol, water, corn syrup, xylitol, lactic acid, potassium carbonate, starch, molasses, natural flavors.
  1. The average sweetened beverage contains roughly 150 calories and _______ teaspoons of sugar.
  1. Many “low-fat” versions of snack foods tend to be higher in sugar. Sugar-free foods that contain artificial sweeteners may send a confusing message to the brain and cause overeating.
  1. When an individual consumes refined sugar, the excess can increase levels of pro-inflammatory messengers called _______________.
  1. All of the following are changes to the new food label EXCEPT?
  1. Which of the following condiments have the lowest amount of added sugars?
  1. Which of the following marketing labels would most likely have the least amount of added sugars?
  1. The ingredient list on the new food label will contain all of the following EXCEPT?
  1. Added sugars in foods rather than the fat in our diet may cause major contributing health risk. Refined sugars cause type 1 and 2 diabetes.
  1. The American Heart Association recommended limits for daily sugar intake includes ____ teaspoons for women, _____ teaspoons for men, and _____ teaspoons for children.
  1. Which of the following foods have little effect on blood glucose levels and are considered a low-glycemic index choice?