Tobacco and Nicotine Products: The Times They Are A’Changing
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  1. What percentage of American’s over the age of 21 smoked cigarettes in 1955?
  1. The percentage of American’s over the age of 21 smoking cigarettes in 2019 is _____.
  1. The use of cigarettes is associated with _______________.
  1. How many Americans live with a smoking-related illness?
  1. Cigar smoking exposes its users to cancer-causing chemicals effecting the _______________.
  1. There are 3,000 chemicals and 28 carcinogens in smokeless tobacco including _______________.
  1. The use of nicotine containing products is addictive and _______________.
  1. Juul e-cigarettes’ nicotine _______________.
  1. The following is true about healthcare professionals treating young users of e-cigarettes for their nicotine addiction.
  1. Tobacco harm reduction products such as Iqos _______________.
  1. In the 1960s Philip Morris scientists added what to the nicotine molecule creating “free based” nicotine?
  1. There are presently how many flavors available in e-cigarettes?
  1. EVALI (E-cigarette and Vaping Associated Lung Injury) has been associated with some individuals using e-cigarettes and _______________.
  1. Some EVALI symptoms may include ______________.
  1. The American Lung Association in 2019 states that at this time _______________.