1. What makes the PSR system unique?
  1. A new patient presented to the dental office for an initial examination. The PSR would be an appropriate method to comprehensively assess the patient’s periodontal status.
  1. Which of the following describes a PSR Code 2?
  1. Which of the following patients would NOT be a good candidate for the PSR system?
    1. Child patient
    2. Periodontal maintenance patient
    3. Recall patient with no bleeding upon probing
    4. Patient screened at a health fair
  1. For each sextant, only the lowest PSR score is recorded.
  1. The patient management of a PSR Code 4 is _______________.
  1. If one or more sextants score a Code 3, what is the appropriate protocol?
  1. All of the following are advantages to using the PSR except one. Which one is the EXCEPTION?
  1. The probe used with the PSR system has a 0.5 mm ball tip.  Which of the following is NOT a purpose for this tip?
  1. In which of the following conditions could the scores of the PSR give a false reading?