Getting Ahead of the Next Stage of the COVID‑19 Crisis
Test Preview

Course Author(s): Roger P. Levin, DDS


  1. There will be 3 stages of the COVID-19 crisis. Practices that have reopened will be in which stage?
  1. During the recovery phase and turnaround practices should maximize the following _______________.
  1. How many months of cash should a practice strive to accumulate?
  1. Dental practices should _______________.
  1. The first 2 months of recovery after a practice reopens will be characterized by _______________.
  1. The recovery phase will be _______________.
  1. In the first few months after reopening, one strategy to increase practice capacity is _______________.
  1. According to the presentation, during recovery every practice needs to know _______________.
  1. Many patients returning to the practice after the coronavirus crisis will _______________.
  1. As explained in this presentation, the 80:20 principle states _______________.