Evidence-based Dentistry – Why Do I Need That?
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Course Author(s): Liran Levin, DMD


  1. What is the highest level of evidence in the “pyramid of evidence”?
  1. Double blinding usually includes _______________.
  1. What is unique in cross-over study design?
  1. How many major phases are in the process of clinical trials required for a drug or a medical devise to move from the lab-work, towards becoming a drug in the market?
  1. What phase is done post-marketing of the drug?
  1. Which phase is referred to as the ‘first in-man studies’?
  1. What is the ‘direction of the question’ in cohort studies typically?
  1. How can we double blind a study comparing manual to electric toothbrush?
  1. What is a ‘forest plot’?
  1. Clinical trials and investigations can be used for _______________.