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Effective Social Media for Dental Practices

Participating in social media is a must for most dental practices. It's estimated that 40% of Canadians turn to social media for product reviews and feedback before they buy, with 84% of shoppers under the age of 24 stating that social media has influenced their shopping behaviour1 This means that, by using social media skillfully, you can amplify the power of your patient referral marketing strategies dramatically and economically.

Put a team member in charge. The volume of work involved in building and maintaining a presence on social media is modest, but to make it worthwhile you must be prepared to monitor your social media feeds regularly and post to them at least every week. Unless you’re highly experienced with social media (and can spare time without limiting your productivity), you should appoint someone on your team to take responsibility… probably your marketing coordinator.

Start with Social Media. Social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, are great resources for building awareness of your practice. Use these services to engage with your patients, provide insights into your office culture, and share patient testimonials. These meaningful posts will have a profound impact on your reputation, which in turn can help to grow your practice over time.

Encourage followers. Ask all your patients to “like” and begin following you. Once your practice is in the mix, you’ll learn how to coax a growing number of people to pay attention to what you’re saying and showing online. Offer informative or interesting content and your audience will grow.

Talk about Dentistry. Plus, mindful of your branding for the practice, be sure that many of your practice’s posts build its value. News about your practice… technology added, specialized team training, awards, etc… will steadily build your reputation. Also include posts about team members’ hobbies, vacations, anniversaries, and other personal news that will “flesh out” your practice for the prospective patients who haven’t met you yet.

Use Graphics. Pictures engage people more quickly than words and can be very entertaining. Get in the habit of posting interesting photos and even video clips and people will keep coming back for more.

Social media has emerged as a powerful and popular form of communication and participating costs virtually nothing except time. Start participating now and you’ll soon discover what an incredible marketing tool it can be for your practice.

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1. Social media plays increasing role in Canadians' purchase decisions. Wisconsin Economic Development, March 2020.


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