Advanced Instrumentation for the General Practice Dental Hygienist

Course Number: 569

Vision Curvettes

When a Gracey curette, no matter what the design, does not seem to access as well as you would like, another selection could be the Vision Curvette. Vision Curvettes provide excellent access to furcation areas and also help to improve access to deeper pockets in the anterior area. They provide very good adaption of the blade for narrow root surfaces and tight periodontal pockets (Figure 22). When comparing the Curvettes to a Gracey Curettes, the following design factors are noted:

Figure 22.

Vision Curvettes have (Figures 23-25):

  • 50% shorter blade

  • increased blade curvature

  • straighter shank

  • x to identify the cutting edge

  • 5-10mm markings

  • longer shanks on posterior instruments (3mm)

Figure 23.

Figure 24.

Figure 25.

Set of 4 Vision Curvettes: They are available in a modified Gracey set: Sub-0, 1/2, 11/12, and 13/14.