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An Update on Demineralization/Remineralization

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An Update on Demineralization/Remineralization

The small portable laser device manufactured by KaVo, called the DIAGNOdent, is available as a clinical adjunct in caries diagnosis of pit and fissures. It is a small, portable unit which can be easily moved from operatory to operatory during patient examinations. It works relatively simply by laser fluorescence feedback to provide a numerical readout. Although not a quantitative measurement, it indicates involved areas that often are not detectable visually or by radiographs. Various in vitro studies show reliability is still a concern, but the device has emerged as a commonplace adjunct in clinical practice for pit and fissure caries diagnosis and monitoring.29 More recent studies have suggested DIAGNOdent may be useful for detecting secondary caries under composite restorations.30,31

DIAGNOdent - Figure 1
DIAGNOdent - Figure 2
DIAGNOdent - Figure 3
DIAGNOdent - Figure 4

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