Crest + Oral-B and rdhu help you reach your CE Goals

We have partnered to develop the Dental Hygienist Proud COMPASS professional development program to help you work towards CE success.

As part of COMPASS’ commitment to sharing the most recent advances in oral care, the 6th edition has introduced four new goals based on industry hot topics for your learning opportunities! Whether you’re an alumnus or new to join, COMPASS is an all-in-one CE certification guide with free continuing education right at your fingertips.

Use Compass as your go-to-resource to:

  1. Help you define your continuing education goals; 

  2. Provide you with up-to-date study materials; 

  3. Outline steps to implement your new knowledge; 

  4. Give you access to learn about Crest & Oral-B new products and sample trials. 

Once you sign up with COMPASS you can:

  • Access up-to-date study materials and clinicals you need to meet those goals.

  • Take advantage of online learning, including webinars. 

  • Successfully implement your learning in practice.

As an exclusive bonus for subscribing to COMPASS 6th Edition, you will receive a complimentary sample of the NEW Crest Densify toothpaste for your personal use.

  • Research shows that density loss can lower tooth mineral hardness by up to 80%.1,2

  • Crest Densify toothpaste is specially formulated for mineral density and enamel erosion.

  • It actively rebuilds tooth density for stronger teeth with 24-hour enamel protection.*

  • Enjoy a smooth and fresh brushing experience every time with Crest Densify toothpaste!

*Against tooth density loss with twice daily brushing.


1. Featherstone JDB et al. Caries Res 1983;17(5):385-91.

2. Featherstone JDB et al. Factors relating to demineralisation and remineralisation of the teeth. Oxford: IRL Press, Ltd., 1986;23-34.

Compass 6th Edition Full Kit

Compass 6th Edition Full Kit

Resources & Digital Forms (Editable Version)

Resources & Digital Forms (Editable Version)

Crest Densify

Crest Densify

Crest Densify