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Ingredient Clinical Comparision |

Use this tool to find research on clinical studies comparing common active ingredients versus the efficacy of stannous fluoride.


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Two Year RCT of Two Dentifrices for Prevention of Periodontitis

Purpose: To compare the efficacy of a 0.454% stannous fluoride/SHMP dentifrice relative to a positive control triclosan/copolymer dentifrice for the prevention of periodontal attachment loss.

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Enamel Protection: Comparison of Marketed Dentifrice Performance ­ Erosion Cycling

Purpose: Purpose of this study was to determine the relative ability of various fluoride containing, marketed toothpastes to protect human enamel against the initiation and progression of damage due to dietary acid attack.

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Comparative Antiplaque Efficacy of SnF2/Hexametaphosphate and Triclosan Dentifrices

Purpose: In this study the effectiveness of two silica based stannous fluoride hexametaphosphate dentifrices was compared to a silica based triclosan/gantrez dentifrice for the prevention of dental plaque.

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Fundamentals of Dentifrice: Oral Health Benefits in a Tube

The course will focus on the most common dentifrice ingredients and the oral health benefits they provide. Upon completion of the course, participants will understand not only the fundamentals of dentifrice ingredients, but also key regulatory aspects of the dentifrice market and the role of professional societies in credentialing consumer dentifrices

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A History and Update of Fluoride Dentifrices

This course is a review and update of cosmetic and therapeutic dentifrices, their impact on market shares and the development of multi-benefit dentifrice technologies.

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Re-examining the Plaque-Gingivitis Connection and the Role of Stannous Fluoride

The purpose of Re-examining the Plaque-Gingivitis Connection and the Role of Stannous Fluoride is to review the role of plaque in the initiation of periodontal disease, share novel insights on the mechanism by which stannous fluoride reduces plaque-induced gingivitis, and discuss practical implications for dental professionals.