The dental research community has made great strides in preventive dentistry over the past several decades, with breakthroughs such as the introduction of fluoride and tartar control dentifrices, enhanced sensitivity reduction approaches and fluoride varnishes. In spite of these advances, dental erosion has become a major new challenge for dental professionals. First identified as an emerging issue approximately 25 years ago, the prevalence of dental erosion has increased dramatically in children, adolescents and adults ever since. This is of particular concern since the enamel and dentin loss associated with this multifactorial condition is irreversible.

Confusion exists, however, regarding the differences between dental erosion and dental caries. Although there are some similarities between these two unique processes, there are critical differences related to the etiological factors, the long-term effects, and the best ways to help manage these issues for each patient.

Over the past several years, we have learned a great deal about dental erosion. Fortunately, we have also learned about important strategies to help prevent it. This course provides you with the most current learnings on dental erosion, including research on the efficacy of fluoride sources to help prevent its initiation and progression.