Diamond Tipped Coated File Scalers

Diamond tipped scalers are conical shaped and designed for furcation areas. They are made with a medical grade diamond coating all around the tip (360º). In order to safely use this instrument, there must be loose tissue or exposed furcations. It easily removes calculus in the furcation area using a light back and forth stroke (Figures 40‑41).

Figure 40.
Figure 40 shows a double ended scaler
Figure 41.
Figure 41 shows a small double ended scaler

SDCN7 – Nabers Probe Style has paired ends (both right and left). It has a universal use. Its long shank and curvature allows good access to furcations (Figures 42‑43).

Figure 42.
Figure 42 the tip of a scaler
Figure 43.
Figure 42 a scaler probing a furcation

SDCM/D7 – Mesial end is concave and the Distal end is convex. This instrument is made for the line angles and deep grooves (Figures 44‑46).

Figure 44. Mesial and Distal.
Figure 44 Comparison of mesial and distal tip scalers
Figure 45.
Figure 45 a scaler probing a furcation
Figure 46.
Figure 46 A double ended scaler