Oral-B® CrossAction Brush Head with Bacteria Guard Bristles

Oral-B® CrossAction™ Brush Head

Product Type: Electric Toothbrushes

Oral-B® CrossAction Brush Head with Criss-Cross Perfect angle – Two sets of opposing bristles angled perfectly at 16 degrees. The optimal angle for shearing forces and in between cleaning.

Alternating hi low trim for better contour adaptation & tooth coverage with each stroke.

High Density Bristle Field with 29% more bristles – our highest bristle density for our ultimate, yet gentle cleaning.

Bacteria Guard Bristles help keep your brush clean for up to 3 months*.

*inhibits microbial growth that may affect the bristles. The bristles do not kill the bacteria in the mouth or protect you against disease. Always clean the product thoroughly after use.


  • Fits Oral-B Genius 8000, Genius Patient & Professional Exclusive Kits, PRO 7000 Series, PRO 6000 Series, PRO 5000 Series, PRO 3000 Series, PRO 2000 Series, PRO 1000 Series, Vitality®, and Pro-Health™ Precision Clean Battery Toothbrush Series.
  • Available in 3-pack