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Course Author(s): American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry


A diastema is considered normal in the primary and mixed dentition as part of normal dental development.

Diastema during primary dentition

Diastema During Primary Dentition

Diastema during mixed dentition

Diastema During Mixed Dentition

A diastema, or space, between primary or permanent central incisors is often associated with, though not necessarily caused by, a prominent superior labial frenum. The diastema can also be caused by an unerupted supernumerary, or extra tooth. An unwanted diastema persisting after eruption of the permanent canines (ages 10-13) should be evaluated for treatment options such as a frenectomy and/or orthodontic treatment.

Diastema in an Eight-month-old

Diastema in an Eight-Month-Old