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The Role Of Stannous Fluoride in Maintaining Oral Health

Research has shown that good oral health can have a positive impact on overall health.1 It is no secret that maintaining good oral health is accomplished through an athome oral hygiene routine that includes the use of a fluoride toothpaste. One differentiating factor among oral care products such as toothpaste is the active ingredient, fluoride. The most commonly used fluoride sources today are sodium fluoride, sodium monofluorophosphate, and stannous fluoride.3,4 The first 2 forms are effective sources of fluoride ions that remineralize and strengthen weakened enamel to fight cavities. With added ingredients such as potassium nitrate or triclosan, products containing these types of fluorides can also fight sensitivity or gingivitis, respectively.3 By comparison, stannous fluoride not only delivers cavity fighting fluoride, but it also has antibacterial properties that fight plaque and gingivitis, and it provides an antisensitivity mechanism of action. Stannous fluoride has both bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties, which fight plaque and treat/prevent gingivitis.5,6 The stannous fluoride also deposits a protective mineral barrier over exposed dentinal tubules to help prevent sensitivity pain from triggers such as hot or cold liquids and foods.7 The antiplaque, antigingivitis, antisensitivity, and anticavity efficacy of stannous fluoride has been demonstrated in research. Stannous fluoride is the only fluoride source that provides protection against all 3 oral health conditions of plaque/gingivitis, tooth sensitivity, and cavities.8

Crest's Patented Stannous Fluoride Formula Treats:

Crest's Patented Stannous Fluoride Formula Treats:

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