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Dental Practice Management

Dental Practice Management

Turn your dental practice into an even more successful dental business by mastering what Levin Group has defined as the 9 Areas of Expertise. Just click on your area of interest and learn more about dental practice management.

Dental Practice Management

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Learn proven strategies for growing your practice in today’s tougher economy. Gain insights on what you and your team can do to increase production.

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Collecting more of what you produce is essential for running a profitable practice. Read the articles in this section to help optimize collections in your practice.

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Team Building

Practice success doesn't happen by itself. You need a well-trained and highly motivated staff to take your practice to the next level of success.

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Patient communication matters now more than ever. Scripting is one of the best tools for managing the patient experience. Use scripts to make sure every patient interaction is positive.

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Case Acceptance

Case acceptance represents one of the best areas to increase production. Using new strategies for what and how you present, you can raise your case acceptance rate to 90%.

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New Patient Experience

Getting new patients to make an appointment is only the first step. When they show up for their appointment, you and your team have to "wow" them so they keep coming back.

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Hygienists play a critical role in growing their practice. Learn what you can do to improve all aspects of hygiene operations, including scheduling, case presentation, and communication.

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No system has a more profound impact on a dental practice than the scheduling system. Does your practice run on time, or is your schedule a source of frustration and stress?

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New patients drive patient growth. Learn how to attract more new patients to your practice from a variety of sources, including your website, social media, word-of-mouth, the community.

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Healthy Practice Now

HealthyPracticeNow provides success stories and options to review the benefits of implementing our consumer research and product innovation based support systems in your practice.

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