Our Solutions

A gap often exists between what a patient does and what an office has told them to do. Understanding how patients think can close the communication gap and enhance the patient experience.

Patients respond best to communication that involves the following steps:

Visually educate me on the condition.

Visualize my issue or my opportunity, how my treatment would work, and the risks of not treating. Introduce in-office and at home product technology and why it is effective for my issue.

Provide a take home action plan that includes all my relevant appointments, therapy, and home care requirements.


Meet Brian

Brian has braces and while he is an all-star hockey player, he has third-line brushing habits. Brian is like most teens; if he has a little extra time, he’d rather spend it playing hockey or video games with friends, not brushing more thoroughly around teeth and orthodontics. Too often, the length of treatment has to be extended for patients like Brian. Each appointment involves ‘re-education’ which upsets Brian, his parents, and the orthodontic team. Even Brian’s referring dentist and hygienists became critical, viewing his ortho hygiene concerns as reflective of quality of care. Patient communication and compliance tools can often help patients like Brian so Crest® + Oral-B® combined our patient insights and home care technology into a system called Ortho Essentials.


Meet emily

Emily is a routine but average brusher. She has gingivitis but thinks it's OK because it is not painful. Bob just had his implants placed. He knows regular oral hygiene care is essential when you have natural teeth, but he is unaware that at-home gum care is extra important and critical to his implant success. Emily and Bob need help to elevate their standard of home care. A proven communication formula that includes engaging patient tools and a home care kit can empower patients to take ownership of their oral health so Crest® & Oral-B® developed a support system called Oral Health Essentials.