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A gap often exists between what a patient does and what an office has told them to do. Understanding how patients think can close the communication gap and enhance the patient experience.

Patients respond best to communication that involves the following steps:


Visually educate me on the condition.


Visualize my issue or my opportunity, how my treatment would work, and the risks of not treating. Introduce in-office and at home product technology and why it is effective for my issue.


Provide a take home action plan that includes all my relevant appointments, therapy, and home care requirements.

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Ortho Essentials

Ortho Essentials is a program that offers personalized patient support every step of the way. It helps unlock patient motivation by providing instant gratification at the first visit and ongoing positive reinforcement and feedback till their treatment completes.

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Oral Health Essentials

Oral Health Essentials is a program designed to help you elevate your patient care to the next level by personalizing their oral health journey at each stage for optimal results.

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