Brian has braces and while he is an all-star hockey player, he has third-line brushing habits. Brian is like most teens; if he has a little extra time, he’d rather spend it playing hockey or video games with friends, not brushing more thoroughly around teeth and orthodontics.  Too often, the length of treatment has to be extended for patients like Brian. Each appointment involves ‘re-education’ which upsets Brian, his parents, and the orthodontic team. Even Brian’s referring dentist and hygienists became critical, viewing his ortho hygiene concerns as reflective of quality of care. Patient communication and compliance tools can often help patients like Brian so Crest® + Oral-B® combined our patient insights and home care technology into a system called Ortho Health Solutions.

Patients like Brian often try to improve their hygiene habits at home but get frustrated when they do not see results. Unfortunately, repeatedly telling Brian what to do does not work. Crest® + Oral-B® used our patient research and home care technology to create a system that shifts the conversation from telling to involving and includes home care kits clinically proven for orthodontic plaque removal. Now Brian has tools to do his part in protecting the quality of the end result! Here is how it works:

Meet Brian
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In less than 30 seconds these tools personalize and involve Brian on what level of health he needs to maintain while in braces. The rating scale is easy to use and is a standardized evaluation for feedback on hygiene during treatment.

*Dolphin, TopsOrtho and OrthoTrac have partnered with Crest® + Oral-B® to integrate the OrthoEssentials scoring program into their practice management systems.

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At every appointment Brian rates his oral health on a visual analogue scale. Knowing his score and reporting it really shifts ownership to Brian where it belongs. The score is recorded and if required, a letter is generated to initiate action if his oral health requires improvement.

  • Commitment Letter
  • Communication Letters to Patient, Parents, and Dentist
  • Introduce the home care regimen and visualize how proper usage of products helps improve oral health effectively

Brian needed tools to change his habits at home. Now he can rate himself every day knowing it will be consistent with what he hears at the appointment. In addition, he has been educated on how to use his new home care regimen. He will experience the positive oral health benefits of a system that has been clinically proven to help Orthodontic patients reduce plaque and prevent enamel erosion.

Action Plan:

  • Take Home Report Card Booklet
  • Take Home Score Your Smile Card
  • Ortho Essentials Home Care Kit