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Patients often try to improve their hygiene habits at home but get frustrated when they don’t see results. Unfortunately, repeatedly telling them what to do doesn’t always work. At Crest® + Oral-B®, we used our patient research and home care technology to create a system that shifts the conversation from simply telling patients to involving them and includes home care kits that are clinically proven in orthodontic plaque removal. Now, your patients can have the tools to do their part in protecting the quality of the end result! Here’s how Ortho Essentials Program’s communication formula has been empowering the dental hygiene team and helping patients take ownership of their dental health.

Pro health system

How it works:

Show me

In less than 30 seconds the tools in the Ortho Essentials Program personalize and involve the patient on the level of health they need to maintain while wearing orthodontic appliances. The Chairside Scoring Laminate is easy to use and is a standardized evaluation for feedback on hygiene over the course of treatment.

Useful tools to engage patients


Involve Me

At every appointment, your patient rates their oral health on a visual analogue scale. Knowing their personal score and reporting it helps to shift ownership to the patient where it belongs. The score is recorded, and if required, a letter is generated to initiate action if their oral health requires improvement.

  • Commitment Letter
  • Communication Letters to Patient, Parents, and Dentist
  • Introduce the home care regimen and visualize how proper usage of products helps improve oral health effectively

A solution for poor patient compliance

A solution for poor patient compliance

Recommend My Plan

Research has shown that patients need tools to change their habits at home. Using the “Take Home Score Your Smile Card”, your patients can rate themselves every day knowing it will be consistent with what they hear at their next appointment. Having also been taught how to use their new home care regimen, they will now experience the positive oral health benefits of a system that has been clinically proven to help reduce plaque and prevent enamel erosion while wearing braces or aligners.


Action Plan

  • Take Home Report Card Booklet
  • Take Home Score Your Smile Card
  • Ortho Essentials Home Care Kit

Changing the value patients place on next visit

Recommend My Plan

Ortho Essentials Product Details

The Ortho Essentials System contains:

  • Oral-B® GENIUS™ X Professional Exclusive Power Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity
    • Position Detection with Artificial Intelligence Technology
    • Customizable 360˚ SmartRing
    • Premium travel case
  • Crest® Gum Detoxify™ Toothpaste
  • Crest® Moisturizing Oral Rinse
  • Oral-B® Superfloss® Mint 
  • Oral-B® Compact Interdental Brush

Brush head refills include:

  • Ortho 
  • Interproximal Clean (Power Tip)
  • Pro GumCare™

1 Travel Bag
1 Take Home Bag

Ortho Essentials Product Details

Supports Practice Building

These customizable referral materials let your community and local dental practices know you are committed to the oral health of your mutual patients and that you participate in the Ortho Essentials program.

  • Customizable Referral Cards
  • Customizable Letters

To enroll in the Ortho Essentials program today, call 1-800-543-2577!



Customizable Letters

Add your office information, print and mail or give out these letters on your required topic.

Download Patient and GP Communication Letters - Aligners
Download Patient and GP Communication Letters - Braces

Referral Materials

Use below referral materials to help drive awareness of your participation in the OrthoEssentials program.

Referral Guide
Referral Letter
Referral Card
Parent Business Card

Social Media Toolkit

Your engagement in OrthoEssentials helps your ortho patients achieve better outcomes and helps them improve their oral hygiene throughout treatment. Let them know about your participation with these social media assets.

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