New! Crest® PRO-HEALTH™ Densify™ Toothpaste

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Product Type: Toothpaste

  • Actively rebuilds tooth density for stronger teeth
  • 24-hour enamel protection against tooth density loss
  • Provides patients with a smooth and gentle brushing experience

with twice daily brushing


Active ingredient: 0.454% SnF2
Available in 90mL and 20mL sizes


Stannous Fluoride Mode of Action

Density loss can lower tooth mineral hardness by up to 80%1,2.

Crest® Densify™ actively rebuilds tooth density for stronger teeth, and provides 24-hour enamel protection against tooth density loss.

How Crest® Densify™ formula works:

Protects MOA

enamel from caries-causing bacteria by effectively penetrating into the plaque biofilm*

Enhances MOA

remineralization to strengthen weakened enamel and prevent cavities

Shields Teeth MOA

teeth to protect minerals & helps prevent acid erosion

*Formulated with stannous fluoride with twice daily brushing

References: 1. Featherstone JDB et al. Caries Res 1983;17(5):385-91. 2. Featherstone JDB et al. Factors relating to demineralisation and
remineralisation of the teeth. Oxford: IRL Press, Ltd., 1986;23-34.

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Patient Materials

These tools will help you educate patients about dental erosion & remineralization, gingivitis and root sensitivity. Patients can now take an active role in choosing a Crest toothpaste that meets their needs for healthy gums and strong teeth.