A Guide to Clinical Differential Diagnosis of Oral Mucosal Lesions
Table 8. Soft Tissue Cysts

Course Author(s): Author: Michael W. Finkelstein, DDS, MS; Emily Lanzel, DDS, MS; John W. Hellstein, DDS, MS

Table 8. Soft Tissue Cysts

Compressible; well-circumscribed; asymptomatic; slowly growing; overlying mucosa is normal.
Gingival cyst Located on attached gingiva anterior to 1st molars
Lymphoepithelial cyst Usually has yellow color; occurs in floor of mouth, ventral & lateral surfaces of tongue, soft palate & tonsillar area; also occurs in anterior cervical lymph node chain (branchial cleft or cervical lymphoepithelial cyst)
Epidermoid or dermoid cyst “Doughy” to palpation; usually occurs in floor of mouth; occurs commonly in skin
Thyroglossal tract cyst Occurs in midline of neck; may be attached to hyoid bone & moves when patient swallows
Nasolabial cyst Located in maxillary labial fold & ala of nose area
* These are cysts, but they have the clinical & historical features of benign neoplasms.