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How Science &Technology Leads To Better Systemic Outcomes


One of the key points I communicate to every client is that reducing gingival inflammation is important to their whole health. Motivating them to reduce gingival inflammation at home and take ownership of their complete oral and systemic health is my first priority. The second is using cutting-edge technology to customize their home-care and create an office-home connection.


Choosing the right brush for your client’s oral home-care routine is critical. If you think about the hours our clients spend in the chair vs. the hours they spend out of it, you quickly realize we have to use any technology we can to motivate and connect with them at home to prevent biofilm buildup. If our influence extends between visits, our goal to remove plaque and reduce gingival inflammation will continue at home. Clients then create their own healthy oral and systemic results.

With its advanced technology and design, Oral-B GENIUS power brush has built-in features that have helped my clients reach a new standard of at-home oral care. I recommend it for the following benefits:

  • Small round prophy-inspired brush head cups each tooth and reaches lingual and distal surfaces for complete 360° cleaning

  • Removes plaque biofilmaround the gingival margin

  • Oscillating-rotating actionstimulates the sulcus

  • Continue motivating clients to follow your professional guidance on at-home oral care anduse the Oral-B app to track daily performance


Choosing the right brush for my clients comes down to 3 things: science, technology and customization. As everyone has different oral hygiene needs, I always involve the client in the science of choosing the best brush for their condition. Oral-B’s oscillating-rotating advanced technology has been designed to work together with a wide variety of Oral-B brush heads that are engineered to meet clients’ different needs. Clients can pick from 9 brush heads that specifically address their conditions. Every client wants to feel that their care is tailored to their needs. Oral-B’s 360° SmartRing feature lets clients personalize their brushing with 12 customizable colours and provides them with a visual alert when it detects over-aggressive brushing. I’ve found that customizing their brush has given my clients a sense of ownership over their oral health and motivates them to really improve their brushing technique.

“My mission is educating clients about their role in reducing gingival inflammation and improving their oral and systemic health. Reach beyond your chair and improve oral and systemic health with Oral-B GENIUS power brushes.” - Kerry Lepicek, RDH


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